A Composite Filling Makes the Difference

If you are reading this, the likelihood that you have at least one filling is very, very high. We would almost bet that at least one of your fillings is a dark silver amalgam filling. Are we mind readers? No, but statistics don’t lie. Dentists have been using amalgam for decades. While some dentists continue to use amalgam, we have made the switch to a filling material that is much better for ...

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Three Ways to Quickly Boost Your Smile

Very few people are born with the perfect smile. In fact, almost no one is born with perfect teeth! The smiles you see on Hollywood stars come from hours in a dentist’s chair. Many of our patients want that look of perfection, and it is becoming easier and faster to give it to them! If you are in that same situation of wanting a brand new smile but not are not sure how to get it, it’s time to ...

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The Vast Benefits of Water

If you are like most, you are always looking for a way to improve yourself. Maybe you are looking for a new way to lose weight, tone your muscles, have better memory, or just be healthier. We think a lot about ways that our patients can improve the health of their smiles, and we always come back to the idea of drinking more water. When we talk with patients about their health habits, we can ...

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Three Factors in the Gum Disease Experience

Fewer statistics are scarier than the one we are about to share: 80% of Americans develop gum disease at some point in life. That means that four out of every five people will battle gum disease. The good news is that most of those battles are short-lived because early stage gum disease is easy to cure. The bad news is that gum disease is also the number one cause of lost adult teeth in our ...

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CEREC Changes Your Crown Experience

Do you know someone who had a horrible crown experience? Just about all of us do, whether we know it or not. It’s so simple to have a bad experience because the system in most offices isn’t very efficient. It takes a long time, and your tooth is in a vulnerable position while you wait for a permanent crown to be created and fitted to your smile. The good news is that your next crown ...

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Proper Denture Care Keeps You Healthy

When you first put your dentures in, you had every intention of doing everything the best way possible. You wanted to take great care of your new teeth so that they would last! Over time, maybe you have kept that resolve, but many patients find themselves slipping when it comes to denture care. You might even fall into the habit of sleeping in your dentures. There are many reasons to break this ...

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An Expectant Mother’s Oral Health Concern

We love to see expectant mothers around the office, not just because of their warm glow, but because we know they are already taking care of that sweet baby! When mothers first discover that they are expecting, they dive into books, websites, apps, and magazines to find out what they should and should not be doing. You will find a lot of things, but the one thing we hope you don’t skip is the ...

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