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Keeping your mouth healthy is a big part of what our East Longmeadow, MA dentist does at Dores Dental. Preventive care helps your family avoid involved and costly procedures like root canals that are often the result of dental neglect. So our general dentistry services are among the most important we provide!

To visit Dores Dental for dental exams, teeth cleanings, and other general dentistry services, call 413-241-3995.

General Dentistry Services at Dores Dental

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Our general dentistry services include:

  • Dental exams/teeth cleaning. East Longmeadow, MA dentist Dr. James Dores provides thorough exams that include screenings for oral cancer and periodontal (gum) disease. During exams, Dr. Dores uses a high-tech intraoral camera to get a good look at your teeth and to show you what he’s seeing.
  • Gum disease treatment. Gum disease causes many problems, including the loss of teeth. Dores Dental offers treatments to eradicate gum disease.
  • Dry mouth treatment. Dry mouth is uncomfortable for you, and a lack of saliva can cause bad breath and tooth decay. Top-notch East Longmeadow, MA dentist Dr. Dores will work with you to identify and address your underlying issues for dry mouth. He also provides Biotene, a mouth rinse that contains the same enzymes and proteins found in saliva and can provide relief from dry mouth.
  • Halitosis treatment. Halitosis (bad breath) is not only embarrassing – it can also signal underlying health issues. Dr. Dores will work with you to solve the issues causing halitosis, which can include cavities, poorly fitting dentures, yeast infections, or periodontal (gum) disease.
  • Shade guide. We use a shade guide to help determine the exact color of your teeth. This helps us match your natural color with any future treatments, such as tooth fillings.
  • Preventive dental care. We use fluoride treatments and dental sealants to help protect your teeth from decay.

Athletic Mouthguards Protect Your Family’s Teeth

Do you have a child who participates in sports? Or maybe you do so yourself? The American Dental Association recommends using an athletic mouthguard to protect your mouth from sports-related dental injuries.

Trusted East Longmeadow, MA dentist Dr. Dores will examine your mouth, head, and jaw and ask about your activities, so he can provide a custom-fitted mouthguard. His experience will ensure you get a mouthguard with the right level of protection for your sport.

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Our general dentistry services at Dores Dental help keep your family’s teeth, gums, and mouths healthy!

To visit our East Longmeadow, MA dentist office for teeth cleanings, consultations on dry mouth, or other general dentistry services, call us at 413-241-3995. Or use our online form to make an appointment.

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