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4 Benefits That Come With Dental Implants

Missing teeth are going to affect your life one way or another. How they affect you depends on what you do about them. By getting dental implants at our East Longmeadow, MA office, you can look forward to great smiles for decades to come.

Here are four reasons you should make an appointment at Dores Dental soon to get implants for your replacement teeth.

1. Security

Implants function as roots for your new teeth. They are placed directly in your jaw, providing a level of security you will not get with full or partial dentures.

2. Stability

Anyone who has had dentures knows how frustrating they can be over time. As they become looser, you need more and more denture adhesive to keep them from sliding around. With implants, you can trust that your new teeth stay where you want them to be.

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3. Strength

Implants let you recreate the power of healthy, natural teeth. This means you can bite and chew as well as you ever have without worrying that your teeth will come loose.

4. Better Health

This is true in multiple ways. First, your implants stimulate your jawbone, encouraging new bone growth that prevents bone loss. Second, your implants allow you to eat a wide variety of foods. That affects the nutrients you consume and digest going forward.

Don’t wait any longer to get your dental implants. Call the Dores Dental team at 413-241-3995 to find out more or contact us online to make an appointment.

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