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Relieving Dental Anxiety

A kind and caring staff is one of the reasons Dores Dental has earned multiple patient choice awards from Some reviews specifically mention our top-notch East Longmeadow, MA dentist and team’s ability to calm dental anxiety.

Still, we understand that a great staff alone may not be enough to calm all dental anxiety. So we also use dental technology that removes the discomfort from dental procedures like dental implants and root canal.

To talk to us about your dental anxiety and find out how we can help, call 413-241-3995.

Our “Menu” Serves Up Dental Anxiety Relief

Dr. Dores on Dental Anxiety Relief

So for those patients that are highly anxious or having anxiety coming to the dentist, we do offer oral sedation for patients. They would take a pill the night before they go to sleep, and when they ...

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We know every patient is anxious about dental procedures for different reasons. And what eases anxiety for one person may not work for someone else. To get to know you better, we ask new patients to fill out a form that helps us establish your comfort level with various dental procedures.

Then we let you choose from a “menu” of comfort options that helps us determine what works best to make you feel better. A lack of control over dental procedures makes many people feel anxious. Our menu enables you to share control with East Longmeadow, MA dentist Dr. James Dores.

We also offer you water, juice, coffee, or soda because many people find that enjoying a beverage helps them relax.

Pain-Free Dental Technology

Many people worry that dental procedures will hurt. In particular, many people dislike drills and the needles used to administer anesthesia. Dores Dental uses technology that eases fears about both of those tools.

  • DentalVibe. This tool uses gentle vibrations that affect how your nerve sends pain signals to your brain. So you won’t feel the needle prick when you receive anesthesia. Not only that, but the vibration helps the anesthesia work faster.
  • Solea CO2 laser. Trusted East Longmeadow, MA dentist Dr. Dores uses this laser, which is the first laser approved by the FDA for use on both hard and soft tissue. He can use it instead of a drill for procedures like tooth fillings. No more noise, smell, or sensation from the drill! Most procedures performed with this laser require no anesthesia.

To stay up to date on the latest dental technologies and trends, Dr. Dores invests his time in completing continuing education courses. He holds memberships in the American Dental Association (ADA), Massachusetts Dental Society, and the Valley District Dental Society.

Let us show you how our pain-free dental technology and menu of comfort options can ease your dental anxiety! Call 413-241-3995 to schedule your visit. Or use our online form to make an appointment.

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