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Prompt And Effective Emergency Dental Care

When you’re suffering severe pain from a tooth or your jaw, or when a tooth has been knocked out or simply fallen out, you’re probably facing a dental emergency. You only have one set of permanent teeth, and having a missing tooth replaced can be both time-consuming and expensive. Don’t take chances with your teeth! Dr. Dores of Dores Dental in Longmeadow, MA is proud to offer emergency ...

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Call Us for Your Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies happen, and they can be painful and scary. If you have a dental emergency on your hands, call Dores Dental’s Longmeadow, MA office at (413) 241-3995. We will have you come in to the office (generally the same day), give you a diagnosis, and treat the emergency as efficiently as possible. How Do I Know If It’s an Emergency? In most cases, you’ll know. A tooth is knocked ...

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Athletic Mouthguards: Saving One Smile At A Time

Sports are a fun way to stay in shape. They also can help us learn lessons about hard work, about achieving goals, and about accepting that things don't always work out the way we want. These are just a few of the great reasons for people to participate in sports. If you have athletes in your family, our team at Dores Dental wants to support them.  We also want you to play safe, which is ...

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Dental Emergency? Don’t Wait To See A Dentist

Your teeth are strong but they’re still susceptible to accidents. Sometimes a dental emergency doesn’t involve an accident. The staff at Dores Dental in Longmeadow, MA, can help you through any dental crisis you may have. It’s not always easy to know what’s considered an actual emergency. If you don’t know whether you’re experiencing a dental emergency or not, call Dores Dental at ...

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How to Handle a Dental Emergency

We’ve become used to thinking of emergencies as things that involve ambulances and wild rides to the ER. The fact is that many emergencies aren’t that dramatic. Seemingly small things can actually be emergency situations, and it’s important to not ignore them. For instance, many people wouldn’t think of a dental problem as an emergency situation. That’s too bad, because any situation ...

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Have a Plan for a Dental Emergency in Longmeadow, MA

If you’re like most of us in Longmeadow, you have a plan for most emergencies. You have a first aid kit. You know what to do in the event of a blizzard, hurricane, or heatwave. Maybe you’ve even taken first aid and CPR classes. We hope so! That is valuable information to have! So, what kind of preparing have you done for a dental emergency? While you may never need to know how to reset a ...

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