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How to Handle a Dental Emergency

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We’ve become used to thinking of emergencies as things that involve ambulances and wild rides to the ER. The fact is that many emergencies aren’t that dramatic. Seemingly small things can actually be emergency situations, and it’s important to not ignore them.

For instance, many people wouldn’t think of a dental problem as an emergency situation. That’s too bad, because any situation that has the potential to cause the loss of a useable body part is definitely an emergency. And anytime sometime is in great pain for which there’s no clear explanation, it should be considered to be an emergency situation.

Dores Dental in Longmeadow, MA stands ready to assist in any dental emergency.

Types of Dental Emergency

  1. A tooth has come out of its socket.

There are two reasons a tooth might come out – accident or infection. Regardless of the reason, the most important thing is to handle the tooth carefully. It may be possible for Dr. Dores to re-implant the tooth and allow it to re-root. Preserving your natural teeth is always best.

Don’t touch the nerve root. Place the tooth in a glass of milk, which will help preserve it. Call us immediately at 413-241-3995 so that we can see you as soon as possible. We make every effort to see emergency patients the same day.

  1. A tooth has fractured.

Fractured or broken teeth can usually be saved. However, any break in the dental enamel can open your tooth to possible infection. Try to find all the pieces of the tooth because Dr. Dores may be able to bond your tooth back together. Call our office at once at 413-241-3995. If the tooth can’t be repaired, it can be protected and restored with a dental crown if the damage isn’t too great. Again, don’t wait. The sooner your tooth is protected, the better your chances of avoiding an infection.

  1. You have unexplained dental pain.

Teeth aren’t supposed to hurt. Dental pain is always a sign that something is wrong. Rather than trying to diagnose the problem yourself, call our office at 413-241-3995. Dr. Dores will see you as soon as possible, and he has the knowledge, training, and experience to accurately diagnose and treat the source of the pain.

Dental pain may be caused by many things, but a common cause is infection. The longer you wait, the worse the infection will get. Dental infections can lead to tooth loss, and long-term infections have been linked to a growing number of potentially serious health conditions. Don’t take chances with your health by trying to go it alone.

Dores Dental is There For You

Dental emergencies are stressful situations. Our goal is to see you as soon as possible, diagnose the problem, and provide effective treatment as quickly as we can.

In any dental emergency in the Longmeadow, MA area, call Dores Dental at 413-241-3995. We’ll do everything we can to preserve the health of your mouth and the beauty of your smile.

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