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Smile — It’s Back to School!

It’s August. And as summer winds down, you are likely starting to get organized for the coming school year. Got that school supply checklist in hand? Getting ready to open your wallet for new shoes, clothing, and backpacks? (Ugh.) Maybe you’ve even scheduled a physical or well visit with your child’s pediatrician. And how about that dental checkup? “Wait, what?,” perhaps you’re ...

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Does Your Child Need an Athletic Mouthguard?

With the new school year, you are bound to see new interests blossoming in your child’s mind! Sometimes all it takes is a mention on the school announcements, and all of a sudden, your child is an athlete! Most parents are thrilled to see this happen because they know just how beneficial sports can be for kids. We understand it, too. You want your child to learn teamwork, leadership skills, ...

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Custom Mouth Guards: Insurance For Your Smile

Accidents happen. Emergencies are a part of life, and you never know what to expect when you walk out your door in the morning. You can go through life expecting everything to always work out in your favor, but sometimes they don’t. Now, why would we say all of that? Not to be pessimistic but to remind you that sometimes you need to take care of a problem before it begins. We see athletes ...

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