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Does Your Child Need an Athletic Mouthguard?

With the new school year, you are bound to see new interests blossoming in your child’s mind! Sometimes all it takes is a mention on the school announcements, and all of a sudden, your child is an athlete! Most parents are thrilled to see this happen because they know just how beneficial sports can be for kids.

We understand it, too. You want your child to learn teamwork, leadership skills, and be active. School sports allow them to do all of that and more! Of course, there are also some concerns that come along with any type of physical activity: injuries.

Small injuries are part of any game, but you can take steps to protect your child from major injury or damage by buying protective gear, like a mouthguard. Dores Dental offers great sports mouthguards for patients of all ages, and it can completely change the way you feel about how your child plays.

Who Needs to Wear One?

Mouthguards are recommended for any athlete participating in sports on a regular basis. You might think sports guards are limited to people who play contact sports, but you should know that it doesn’t take much for a non-contact sport to become physical. Take cross-country, for example. Individuals running doesn’t sound too dangerous for the teeth, but one slip in the woods and all of sudden your child needs major dental work!

Won’t the Store-Bought Guard Do the Trick?

Once you decide that your child needs a mouthguard, you have to decide which kind to purchase. There are many options available to you through stores and here at the dental office. Let’s take a look at the three main types of mouthguards and what they will do for your child’s protection and performance during a competition.

Stock Mouthguards – Stock mouthguards are the least expensive, which make them really attractive. Unfortunately, that’s the only thing that makes them attractive! Stock mouthguards are not adjustable at all, which means there is very little chance that the mouthguard will actually fit your child’s smile!

On top of the poor fit, stock mouthguards tend to be very bulky and thick. They are almost always too big, which means that your child will really struggle to be able to breathe and communicate with teammates on the field or court.

Boil and Bite Mouthguards – The next step up is the boil and bite mouthguard. While this offers a little bit more customization than a stock mouthguard, it’s not much. The idea with a boil and bite is to heat the mouthguard and then use your teeth and tongue to create a kind of impression in the plastic.

A boil and bite mouthguard would be ideal as a backup mouthguard in your child’s bag because while it offers some customization, it is still going to be too bulky for your child to really benefit.

Custom Mouthguards – A custom mouthguard is definitely the way to go for any student athlete. The material is much thinner than what you’ll find in a cheaper mouthguard, but it can be adjusted according to the sport your child plays. A football player, for example, would have a thicker mouthguard than a runner or volleyball player!

The thin material is custom-fit for your child’s smile. The thinner material is actually more protective because the material is in all the right places to protect your child’s teeth. Plus, it is a lot more comfortable for your student athlete to wear because it allows them to breathe and communicate with the mouthguard in place!

Getting a Custom Mouthguard

A custom mouthguard comes from Dores Dental. We have lots of options for you and your athlete to choose from. We will take exact impressions of your child’s mouth and then work to create a breathable, comfortable mouthguard that is strong enough to protect your child’s teeth from harm. In a few weeks, we’ll call you back to the office so your child can try on the new guard and be sure it’s a good fit!

Teaching Your Child to Wear It

The final step is teaching your child to wear the mouthguard. Most kids don’t want to do it at first, but it is a habit that will benefit your both should your child ever have an injury to the mouth or jaw. We consider mouthguards to be insurance packages. You’ll put forward a little bit of money for the mouthguard in order to protect yourself from the massive bills that come along with major dental repairs!

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