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Save Yourself Time With Same-day Crowns

Here’s a common scenario for millions of Americans. You’ve had the mark on your calendar for months: You have a visit with the dentist early Monday morning before you start your work week and you need a crown. It’s a procedure you’ve been told will take two to three visits and require you to wear a temporary crown. Did you ever wonder why placing a crown takes so many visits? The good ...

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Find a Solution for Your Slippery Dentures

Did you know that by the time you and your generation reach the age of 65, about 25% of you will be walking around with absolutely no teeth? As you age, that percentage will, of course, grow, but 25% of people without teeth by the time they retire is a huge number! While we would never want to admit that we might end up there, it’s very possible that you or someone you love will end up ...

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