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Did you know that by the time you and your generation reach the age of 65, about 25% of you will be walking around with absolutely no teeth? As you age, that percentage will, of course, grow, but 25% of people without teeth by the time they retire is a huge number!

While we would never want to admit that we might end up there, it’s very possible that you or someone you love will end up needing to replace all of your teeth. It’s a daunting though, and we bet the only restoration that is coming to mind is the dentures restoration!

We are going to try to break that habit today as we look at dentures and dental implants and how they compare with one another. At the end, we hope that you will find a solution to replace your teeth and keep your mouth healthy!

Dentures are Most Common

The idea for dentures began around 700 BC when the lack of teeth was a matter of life and death. People in that time had to be able to eat whatever could be hunted or gathered, which meant that they needed teeth! In those days, they constructed something very similar to what we use today except that instead of using all fake materials, they actually used animal bone and teeth.

In all of those years, the main idea is the same. While it is enough to help you get by, it’s not enough to really do the job well, which is why dentures have drawn the concern of many dentists and doctors from around the world.

Concern from the Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic was curious about the relationship between someone who wears dentures and someone who does not. The information they found was startling. Adults who wear dentures lose, on average, about 10 years from their lifespan! That is huge news in a society where ¼ of retirees are already missing all of their teeth!

We believe the explanation for a shorter life expectancy can be found in the foods that denture wearers inevitably eat. Since fresh fruits and vegetables are off the table, these adults are forced to eat lots of pasta, soft fruits, and vegetables cooked beyond nutritional value. It’s no wonder these bodies don’t last as long!

A Complete Dental Implant Solution is Not Always Possible

Here at Dores Dental, we are strong believers that dental implants are the best way for patients to go, but that’s not always a possibility. Some patients don’t have the ability to pay for a complete dental implant solution. Others really enjoy being able to remove their dentures, so they stick with what they know.

An Implant/Denture Hybrid Solution

You no longer have to choose between dental implants or a denture to replace and restore your smile. We have the ability to offer both through an implant/denture hybrid solution. That’s right, you can have the best of both worlds with this option available to you!

We simply place dental implants around the arches of your mouth and then fit your dentures with connections. When you are ready to put your dentures in, you simply snap them onto the dental implant. Then, at the end of the day, you can remove your teeth and care for them and your gums.

Learn More at a Consultation Today!

An implant/denture hybrid will allow you to eat the foods you love so that you have adequate nutrition and comfort! You won’t have to worry about your teeth flying out of your mouth or slipping at an inopportune time. Simply contact our office today to learn more about your dental implant/denture solution options!

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