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Preventive Dentistry Is Our Passion

Today’s dental patients are lucky to have a whole roster of advanced restorative treatments available to them. That said, the dental gold standard is to avoid these sometimes invasive and costly procedures. And the best way to keep your natural teeth healthy and beautiful? It’s all about preventive dentistry and consistent care at home. At Dores Dental of Longmeadow, MA, we help our ...

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Smile — It’s Back to School!

It’s August. And as summer winds down, you are likely starting to get organized for the coming school year. Got that school supply checklist in hand? Getting ready to open your wallet for new shoes, clothing, and backpacks? (Ugh.) Maybe you’ve even scheduled a physical or well visit with your child’s pediatrician. And how about that dental checkup? “Wait, what?,” perhaps you’re ...

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