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Same Day Dental Crowns Are Easy And Convenient

No one wants to live with a missing or broken tooth, especially if it’s upfront where everyone can see. Fortunately, at Dores Dental you won’t have to live with that hole in your mouth for long. Same day dental crowns are an amazing way to get your smile back in a matter of hours. Come in and let Dr. Dores show you how he uses the in-house CEREC system to create a replacement tooth for ...

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Get Fast Results With Same Day Dental Crowns

We often take our teeth for granted. We think they’re always going to be there to help us chew our food and to let us flash our smiles. The fact is, teeth aren’t invincible. One day you could bite on a piece of ice and chip your tooth. If the tooth is in front and obvious, you’ll be embarrassed to open your mouth. What if you chip your tooth the day before your wedding or right before ...

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