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We are now at the midpoint of 2017. So, if you have not yet been able to visit to our Longmeadow, MA dentist’s office at least once, that is bad news for you and your smile. Remember, if you are fortunate enough to have dental insurance, most plans will cover up to two professional teeth cleanings and oral exams per calendar year. But those benefits don’t typically roll over. As such, you ...

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Make The Most Of Your Dental Insurance In 2017 | Longmeadow, MA

Here’s some good news: odds are good that your dental insurance benefits (the ones that more than likely come out of your paycheck every month) are at the beginning of their annual cycle. As such, we encourage you to check out this helpful video link below, in which the American Dental Association explains how dental insurance typically works in the United States. After you are finished ...

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