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A Dental Bridge Can Make Your Smile Whole Again [video]

Shannon M. had bad experiences with dentists using scare tactics to pressure her into procedures. Then she discovered Dores Dental. In this video, she discusses how much she appreciates the team’s honesty, integrity, and the excellent work they did restoring her smile with a dental bridge.   “I was so happy [Dr. Dores] was able to make my smile beautiful again. I couldn’t stop ...

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Finding the BEST Dental Restoration

A sad and unfortunate truth is that many of our patients will come to a day when they realize that they are about to lose one or more of their permanent teeth. It happens all the time here in Longmeadow, MA. Many things can cause you to lose your natural teeth. You might develop decay, infection, or have an injury that results in the loss of a tooth. Some patients spend their entire lives with ...

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