Comfortable Dentistry with the Solea Laser

A recent study found that about 30% of Americans are so terrified of the dentist that they will go to just about any length to avoid coming into the dental office. These people will live with dental pain for weeks and months before making an appointment! We know that is especially true here in Longmeadow, MA, but we have something that will change your experience with the dentist forever! Your Longmeadow, MA dentist offers comfortable dentistry with the Solea Laser.


Introducing the Solea Laser

Can you imagine having a cavity filled without the need for a numbing agent or sedation? When you consider your memories of a traditional drill, it just doesn’t seem possible, but the Solea Laser will change the way you experience comfortable dentistry for the rest of your life.


The Solea Laser gets rid of all the things you hate about the dental drill: the sound, the vibration, and the time spent healing. You will be able to walk into the office for a filling or gum procedure, relax in our chair, have your pain-free procedure without the need for drugs, and walk back out with a newly healthy tooth!


What Can a Solea Laser Do?

Comfortable dentistry with the Solea Laser is the first dental laser on the market that can handle both soft and hard tissues in the mouth. With a simple adjustment to the laser, we can change the diameter of the laser as well as the speed so that we can go from work on your hard tooth enamel to gentle precision when working with your gums!

We intend to use the comfort dentistry with the Solea Laser for our cavity and filling procedures, gum disease infection procedures, gum reshaping, and maybe more in the future! That’s one of the great things about the Solea Laser: we will be learning new uses for this device each and every day!


The Benefits for YOU

Laser dentistry brings the greatest benefits to you, the patient. Top-notch Longmeadow, MA dentist, of course, enjoy working with such a state-of-the-art tool, but it is doing the work in YOUR mouth. You will experience zero discomfort because there is no need for a needle to numb your tooth, no uncomfortable pressure or sensations, and no lingering pain afterward.

The laser will actually cauterize your soft tissues as we work, so there won’t be a long healing period or risk of infection following your procedure. You can simply have your work done and then go on with your life!

Are you ready to experience the new face of comfortable dentistry? Call us today at 413-241-3995 to set an appointment. You can also contact our Longmeadow, MA dentist office through our online form. We can’t wait to see how our new Comfortable Dentistry with The Solea Laser impacts the patient experience here at Dores Dental!