Shannon M.

My previous dentist, they did stuff to my smile and my teeth just to get more money out of me and that included pulling a tooth out because they said it was too infected and they said, “Oh, it’s gonna be in a lot of pain, so you need to take this out now.” They scared me enough that I did. I never feel like that’s what happens here at Dores Dental. They’re very upfront and tell me straight forward what’s going on with my teeth. I was able to afford to get a bridge to fix what used to be one of my favorite things about my face was my smile. I think I cried after I got it done, and I just hugged absolutely everyone that came near me in the office here. I couldn’t stop talking to Dr. Dores. I was so happy that he was able to help make my smile beautiful again.

I loved my smile before. I used to get compliments all the time on my smile. When I had that tooth taken out, I’d smile like this. Very rarely did I show my teeth anymore. As soon as I got it, I couldn’t stop smiling. My jaw hurt from smiling so big the whole day afterwards. There’s never been anything but good things that I’ve had since I’ve come here. I didn’t know I could find a dental office that would be so kind and helpful and find a way to help me to get the work done that I’ve been praying for for over three years now.

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