Marilyn F.

My husband and I retired and we moved to Springfield and originally, I didn’t want to find another dentist. I was going to keep going to New Jersey and then I finally figured, going three hours each way, I think I should see what I can do and I’m glad that I did. They make you feel very relaxed, no matter what the procedure is, I feel very relaxed and comfortable and I don’t lose any sleep the night before that I have to come, that sounds silly but yes. I don’t agonize over a dental appointment that I make here. The atmosphere is very calming and nice and it’s very calming. His employees seem to all actually really like what they’re doing, they’re very, I guess I should say patient oriented. They know how to welcome you, they know how to relax you and they talk to you and they explain everything, which I find very important. Everything to me, is beyond expectation when I first came here and I will keep continuing to come here.

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