Marilyn F.

When we moved up here and I decided not to keep going back to New Jersey, which would be three hours. Being new here, I couldn’t talk to anybody and get any recommendations. I believe I got a mailing in the mail, which was from Doctor Dores office. I had no idea who he was but I called Doctor Dores office and I got an appointment. I have a bridge, an upper bridge and it’s split. He changed it a little bit, which for the better than what my old bridge was. So it fits better, I have more teeth on one side and where it connects on the other side, he had it put back on a tooth further back, therefore, when I smile you don’t see the metal in the front like you did because that’s hidden more in the back.

So when I smiled when I first put it in and I looked in the mirror I just, “Wow.“ That was the only thing I could say is, “Wow, this is different but for the better.“ So I was very pleased with that and that was a big thing, a big thing for me, beyond belief that I could find such a caring dentist and the caring of his people here. It seems like they’re all beyond being professionals in what they do and the comradery here is great. I think the work is excellent, I would really recommend him to anybody and I’m very serious. I am beyond happy with having Doctor Dores and his staff.

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