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At Dores Dental, we’re not sure how dentists got to be such a heavy in popular culture. From the leather-jacket-wearing dentist who gets eaten by a plant in the “The Little Shop of Horrors” to Laurence Olivier’s Nazi dentist in “Marathon Man,” dentists are often represented as pretty awful people. Given that, maybe it’s no wonder that so many people experience dental anxiety when ...

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Let Cutting-Edge Technology Make Your Dental Care Easier

Dr. James Dores stays up to date on cutting-edge technology so he can give you the best results while keeping you comfortable. Just a few of the amazing innovations that Dr. Dores has trained to use: Solea laser – There’s no need for needles or lingering pain. Same day dental crowns – No waiting days or weeks for a permanent crown to come back from the lab! Zoom! Teeth Whitening ...

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