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Don’t Be A Statistic! Custom Mouthguards at Dores Dental

Are you an athlete? Or do you at least try hard to be? In Longmeadow, MA, we have a pretty good tradition of athletics, from our Longmeadow High Lancers tearing up the lacrosse field to pick-up basketball games at Bliss Park. It probably goes without saying that if you play sports, any sports, you’re probably going to need some safety equipment. Helmets protect against the big hits in ...

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Don’t Ignore Teeth Grinding: Get Help!

Clenching your teeth when you become angry or when you experience a stressful moment is a common quirk. You stop when you relax, but sometimes you hold that position and it starts to hurt your jaw; then you stop. Can you imagine doing that for hours at a time? People with bruxism do. Bruxism (which is the technical term for grinding one’s teeth during sleep) can destroy your teeth, and can ...

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Custom Mouth Guards: Insurance For Your Smile

Accidents happen. Emergencies are a part of life, and you never know what to expect when you walk out your door in the morning. You can go through life expecting everything to always work out in your favor, but sometimes they don’t. Now, why would we say all of that? Not to be pessimistic but to remind you that sometimes you need to take care of a problem before it begins. We see athletes ...

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