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How a Dental Implant Can Keep You Healthy

You know that your teeth are important to you. Those pearly whites allow you to smile and be around your friends and family without embarrassment, at least we hope they do! Your teeth have a very big role in the health of your body, as well. Our previous post discussed gum disease and how it affects your body, but today we want to focus on simply having the teeth that you need to chew the foods ...

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Save Time With CEREC Crowns!

Cracked or fractured teeth can be painful, but what’s worse is they’re also prone to infection. At our practice (Dores Dental in Longmeadow, MA), we do our best to save your natural teeth, because your natural teeth are the best tool for the job: no implant or other artificial tooth exists that can chew and grind food as well as the teeth you’re born with. That means we place a lot of ...

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