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Your Dentist Can Send You Home With Whiter Teeth

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In our office, we provide comprehensive dental care to the families of Longmeadow, Springfield, Wilbraham, Southwick and Hampden, MA.

Under the leadership of Dr. James Dores, our talented team of dental professionals provides esthetic, restorative and implant dentistry for patients of all ages and backgrounds.

We want to keep your oral health on track.

What’s more, we want you to have a radiant smile that you aren’t ashamed to share with the world.

We realize that when your teeth have yellowed or become deeply stained it can be a real blow to your self-confidence.

Luckily, we have a whitening solution for you at Dores Dental that will quickly brighten your smile and take away any embarrassment that you may be feeling about opening your mouth.

Most Americans Could Benefit From A Whitening Treatment

When you look around Longmeadow, it won’t take you long to spot someone enjoying a hot cup of joe, or a strong iced tea.

These two refreshments, along with red wine, soda pop, cigarettes, and foods full of rich natural (and sometimes unnatural) colors are consumed at very high rates in this country.

The trouble with all that is, these things will stain your teeth badly over time, and your mouth has no natural way of stopping the gradual deterioration of your smile.

Skip The Over-The-Counter Fixes

Big business types know that there is money to be made off of people’s insecurities.

That is why over-the-counter teeth whitening kits are available at every turn.

Unfortunately, many of these OTC options don’t significantly reverse the effects of all the staining, and they take a long time to even work at all.

Plus, there is no one to regulate the process.

You can actually do quite a bit of damage to your gums by trying to whiten your teeth at home with a tray that doesn’t properly fit your mouth and allows the whitening solution to spill over onto your soft tissues.

Let Dores Dental Be Your Guide

Don’t fool around with the unpredictable and potentially dangerous OTC remedies.

Instead, let our team brighten your smile with the extremely effective Zoom! Whitening system.

We can assure you that it is a simple and comfortable procedure.

When you get here, we will start by protecting your eyes, gums and lips before applying the whitening gel.

The gel itself is delivered via a tray that fits over your teeth, keeping peroxide from harming the soft tissues.

Next, your teeth will be exposed to one of our special lights that activates the gel.

Then we just keep repeating the process with a fresh layer of gel during each 15-minute session.

Zoom! whitening is FDA-approved, safe and effective.

Although there is no way to say for sure just how white your teeth will get by the end of your visit, the results are usually dramatic.

Get Started Today!

Why put off having a radiant smile?

Most of our teeth whitening patients see a radical difference in the color of their teeth after just one appointment.

Contact our Longmeadow, MA dental office to get started today!

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