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Why a Same-Day Crown Matters to Your Health

You may have heard the term, “same-day crown” floating around town, but what does it actually mean for your smile? If you’ve never had a crown placed, you won’t really know the significance of a same-day crown because you won’t have anything to compare it to. Consider yourself lucky!

The old way of placing a crown was the only option for a very long time, but now that we have access to advanced dental technology, we can improve your entire experience. We can save you time, money, and a whole lot of discomfort by placing your much-needed dental crown on the same day you need it placed!

It’s a little sad that getting dental care on the day you need dental care is such an exciting thing, but it is because it’s just not done that way in most dental offices. Let’s spend some time talking about same-day dental crowns and why they are so important to your health!

The Old Way of Doing Things

The old way of placing a crown was done (and is still done in most offices) because it was the only option. A dentist would begin by preparing the damaged tooth; he/she would remove a layer of tooth enamel from the tooth to make room for the crown to fit.

Then, an impression is taken and sent to the lab where it will take a few weeks to create the new crown. In the meantime, you, the patient, get to wear a temporary crown that will be uncomfortable, likely to break or fall out, and all-around annoying! Beyond the annoying factor, there are a couple of problems with this old way of doing things:

Risk of Infection: First, there is a significant risk of infection! If the temporary crown breaks or leaks, or if bacteria is able to make it into your vulnerable tooth, you could develop the need for a root canal before your permanent crown makes it into your smile!

Inconvenient: It’s difficult enough to make one dental appointment, let alone the two or three that will be necessary to complete this procedure! That means two or three days away from work, away from your routine, and anxiously waiting at the dental office!


The CEREC way is quite different. Through CEREC technology, we are able to complete the process, from beginning to end, in a single, short appointment. The CEREC computer will take 3D images of your prepared tooth and then create a map that it will use to plan your new crown.

It passes the information along to the milling machine in our office that will transform a small block of ceramic into your brand new tooth in the time it will take you to sit back, relax, and read a magazine article! This results in many benefits like those listed below.

Less Discomfort – You will have little to no discomfort during the entire appointment! There won’t be time for any discomfort because the entire thing is over before you know it!

Safe for Your Tooth – There’s a very reduced risk of any problems due to infection because your tooth won’t be exposed to bacteria long enough for any infection to occur! Believe us when we tell you that skipping the temporary crown phase will be to your great benefit!

The No-Hassle Approach – Just knowing that your tooth is repaired with the least amount of worry and hassle is a great feeling to rest on. You won’t have to drive back and forth from work, you won’t have to rearrange your life for multiple procedures, and you won’t have to spend more time here at the office than you need to!

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