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Treating Cavities Is Easier Than Ever In Longmeadow, MA

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We hope your new year is off to a good start. If you live near Longmeadow, MA, don’t forget to schedule your 2016 dental appointments with us sooner than later. We can’t wait to see you. Besides, when you are a frequent visitor, we can keep a better eye on things and detect any emerging concerns before they turn into bigger problems. This is especially true of cavities. Coming in every 3-6 months could make the difference between needing a simple filling or a more invasive root canal.

Speaking of dental fillings, we now use a new and improved version of this tried and true restorative treatment at Dores Dental.

No More Mercury

Cavities are an age-old problem. The bacteria that causes decay actually feeds on sugar, which is like adding fuel to a fire if it is allowed to linger on the surface of your teeth. If prevention fails, we do have our methods for putting out the flames.

As we already alluded to, fillings have been around forever in a silver form. The silver amalgam that goes into conventional fillings is actually a paste comprised of mercury along with other metals. Accordingly, they always look weird in your mouth, even though they work just fine for the task at-hand.

Mercury-free fillings, on the other hand, are made of composite resin, glass ionomer or ceramic, which means that these fillings are tooth-colored, biocompatible materials that contain no mercury or other metals.

Given a choice, few would opt for a metal these days.

These newfangled fillings actually increase durability too. That’s because they bond directly to your tooth structure, whereas the old process actually weakened your tooth and left it more vulnerable to fracture.

Tooth-Colored Fillings Make It Subtle

In our office, fillings can be placed in just one quick and easy appointment.

Here’s how it works: we will isolate the tooth in question while protecting the rest of your mouth with a rubber dam. Then, we will clean the tooth, remove all signs of decay, and re-shape it.

The correct shade of composite resin is then mixed to match your teeth and is applied to the tooth in question layer by layer. This ensures that your filling won’t serve as a dental scarlet letter, so to speak.

Throughout the procedure, each layer is hardened by special light.

To finish it all up, your filling is trimmed, adjusted, and polished.
That’s all there is to it. Soon enough you will be free of decay and ready to fight the good fight once again.

Take The Next Step!

Around here, we make it easy and pain-free to get back on track. There’s no reason to put off cavity treatment! The time to reclaim your health is now.

Contact our Longmeadow, MA dental office right away if you’d like to learn more about our tooth-colored fillings and what they can do for you.

You can schedule your consultation today by calling 413-241-3995!

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