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Top Reasons to Invest in an Implant Restoration

A missing tooth is as bad as it sounds, if not worse. Most adults realize that if they lose an adult tooth, they will soon be suffering the consequences. There are physical as well as emotional effects that come when you lose an adult tooth, especially if that tooth is in your smile zone. There are many different restoration options out there, but we have the best solution for you with a dental implant restoration. What makes this restoration so special? Let’s take a look!

Comfort – Other restorations tend to be uncomfortable because they require the adjacent teeth. In other words, other restorations can’t stand on their own! The added pressure makes your smile uncomfortable and puts your healthy teeth at risk. An implant is self-sufficient because we place it directly in the jawbone. The implant fuses with the bone creating a permanent foundation for a beautiful crown. It will feel so natural that you might even forget you have it!

Beauty – The trick to a successful restoration is to make the false tooth look like a natural tooth. You don’t want anyone to be able to look in your mouth and tell where the fake tooth is. Other restorations make that all too obvious with metal attachments and black lines under the gums. An implant restoration with a crown on top will blend perfectly with your natural smile. No one will be able to tell where your false tooth is, even if it is right in the front of your smile!

Longevity – At most, other restorations might last 15-20 years. At that point, you will have to replace or repair your restoration (that’s if it lasts that long). A dental implant, on the other hand, is a permanent solution. Once the implant is placed, there is a 96% chance that it is going to stay there for the rest of your life. You might need to replace your crown at some point, but that’s an easy fix compared to replacing a bridge.

Dental implant restorations are gaining steam in the dentistry world for the very reasons we have mentioned. There is nothing else on the market that can do what an implant does. Contact us today to learn more about this procedure. We would love to help you find out if a dental implant is right for you.

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