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Top 4 Dental Myths

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Ah, the internet. We can’t live without it, yet it’s rife with conspiracy theories, half-truths, misinterpretations, and flat-out fabrications — all presented as fact. So how do you figure out what information to believe and what to take with a grain of salt?

As your trusted dentist, we are here to help you sort truth from fiction when it comes to your and your family’s oral health. Read on to learn about four pervasive and potentially damaging dental myths.

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Dental Myth #1: You Don’t Have to Take Care of Baby’s Teeth

Baby teeth fall out anyway, so why bother taking care of them? There are actually plenty of reasons why you should be meticulous in how you care for your little one’s dental health. Kids need their baby teeth to chew properly and learn how to speak clearly. Baby teeth serve as placeholders for adult teeth. If they come out early, permanent pearly whites may come in crooked, crowded, or drift out of their proper position.

The American Dental Association recommends that babies see the dentist when their first tooth comes in or by the time they turn one. Never let baby use a bottle of milk or juice to fall asleep, or you risk baby bottle tooth decay. And get baby into the habit of oral hygiene even before the first tooth makes an appearance by wiping the gums with a damp, soft, cloth.


Dental Myth #2: Root Canals Are Designed to Torture You

Perhaps it’s a relic from the bad old days of dentistry, when procedures in general were more uncomfortable than they are today. Perhaps it’s because people who need root canals tend to be in pain because of an infection raging in their tooth. Regardless, you can rest assured that this procedure’s reputation as being painful is completely unwarranted. We will numb you completely so you won’t feel a thing. Most patients say their root canal was no more painful than getting a standard filling.


Dental Myth #3: If Your Mouth Feels Fine, It’s Okay to Skip the Dentist

Maybe you’re busy. Or maybe you’re happy for any excuse to not visit the dentist. Unfortunately, there is really no good reason to not stick to a schedule of twice-yearly checkups. Even if your teeth and gums look and feel fine, they may have problems that you just haven’t noticed yet that Dr. Dores can spot. Plus one of our dental hygienists will give your mouth a meticulous cleaning, removing damaging plaque and tartar that would be virtually impossible to reach at home.


Dental Myth #4: Teeth Whitening Is Bad for My Enamel

At Dores Dental Care, we use Zoom in-office whitening and Sinsational Smiles, both of which are professional products that are completely safe for your tooth enamel. Because these treatments are supervised by Dr. Dores, there is no danger of improper use. Teeth whitening removes pigmentation, but not the actual enamel.


Don’t let these dental myths keep you or your children from the dental care you need. Call Dores Dental at 413-241-3995 to book an appointment. Or get in touch with us online.



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