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Tips For Kids’ Healthy Lunches & Snacks [Infographic]

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Dores Dental understands how busy this time of year can be with school. (Most of us are parents, too!) It’s hard enough to get your kids to and from school and all their extracurricular activities, much less keep your regular schedule! It’s also hard to make time for balanced, nutritious lunches and after-school snacks. So let our Longmeadow, MA dentist office help with some tips for kids’ healthy lunches and snacks!

We’ve put together this infographic to give you some great ideas. Best of all, they’re quick, inexpensive, and for the most part, tooth-friendly too! For questions about your kids’ diet and how that affects their teeth, simply ask us at their next checkup. Schedule one online or call 413-241-3995 today.

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