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Three Ways Oral Surgery Can Help You

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You probably don’t have oral surgery on your list of favorite things. However, this kind of treatment can be invaluable for your oral health.

We can help you with dental surgery at our East Longmeadow, MA office with these services:

1. Tooth Extractions

Tooth removal is one of the most common types of dental surgery. Teeth can be taken out for multiple reasons. Taking out teeth can make orthodontic care or implant placements easier. Removing teeth also can be necessary when a tooth can’t be repaired with restorative dental procedures.

2. Gum Grafts

If you have suffered gum disease, you may have experienced gum recession. This is when your gums pull away from your teeth. With a gum graft, you can add new periodontal tissue to restore your gumline.

3. Sinus Lifts

Dental implants are undeniably important for replacing missing teeth and restoring your biting power. To keep your implants secure, however, you need a certain amount of bone tissue. If you have too little bone to hold your implants, a sinus lift is how we add bone tissue to your upper jaw.

If you could benefit from oral surgery, schedule a consultation with Dr. Dores soon. Call the Dores Dental team at 413-241-3995 to find out more or fill out our online form to request your appointment.

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