Summer Is the Perfect Time for Wisdom Teeth Removal [VIDEO]

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Summer often means at least a little freer schedule than the rest of the year. If you or your teen or college student needs wisdom teeth removal in East Longmeadow, summer is a perfect time to get the procedure out of the way with as little disruption to life as possible.   

Our patients have chosen wisdom teeth extraction at our office for many reasons:

  • If we’re already their dental home, they feel more comfortable getting care from a team they know and trust.
  • Dr. Dores has many years of experience in tooth extractions and knows how to keep the procedure as safe, efficient, and comfortable as possible.
  • Patients appreciate our technology to relax them and provide a painless tooth removal. Our DentalVibe, for example, eliminates the pain from an injection for numbing. And our digital X-rays give us a clearer picture of your anatomy for a more successful procedure.
  • We accept many insurance plans and CareCredit financing.

Find out more about wisdom teeth removal in this ADA video. Then call our office today at 413-241-3995 or fill out our online form for an appointment at Dores Dental.

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