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Six Foods & Drinks to Eliminate from Your Kitchen

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What dental-health-unfriendly foods and drinks are lurking in your pantry and fridge? When it comes to the long-term well-being of your teeth and gums, what you eat (and feed your children) is critical.

Here are a few foods that that you should consider eliminating from your diet (or at least eat in extreme moderation).

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Dried Fruits Lodge in Your Teeth

Many people think of raisins and other dried fruits as a healthy and natural snack. While it’s true they do contain nutrients, they are bad news for your teeth. Because of its sticky texture, dried fruit gets lodged in the grooves of your teeth and is difficult to remove completely. The concentrated sugars encourage bacteria to flourish, and the acids that the bacteria produce go to to work wearing away your tooth enamel. Fresh fruit, which has less-concentrated sugar and is not sticky in texture, is a far better choice.


Gummy Snacks Are Devoid of Nutrition

Maybe it’s because they contain “fruit” in the name, but lots of people seem to think that gummy fruits are a healthy snack. The truth is that they are pure sugar delivered in the worst possible form. Like dried fruit, these gummy treats will stick in all the nooks and crannies of your kids’ teeth and set off a feeding frenzy of harmful bacteria.


Chewy Granola Bars Are Not a Healthy Option

It’s granola — it’s full of grains and has got to be good for you, right? Unfortunately, the chewy granola bars you buy at the grocery store are more notable for the amount of sugar they contain than anything healthy. Plus there’s that chewy texture again, which means they get stuck in your teeth and hang around so that bacteria can do their dirty work.



Bacteria Love Carbs

If you’re craving something to munch on, it’s easy to reach for that bag of pretzels or chips. But even though they are not overtly sugary, these carbohydrate-loaded snacks are still good eating for bacteria that unleash destructive acids on your teeth.


Skip the Soft Drinks, Sports Drinks, & Juice

Beverages like soft drinks, fruit juices, and sports drinks are loaded with empty calories and they will wreak havoc on your teeth as well. Think about it: when you guzzle these drinks, you are coating your mouth with dissolved sugar. It will seep into all of the little crevices of your teeth and promote the growth of destructive bacteria. And if you’re in the habit of sipping these drinks throughout the day, your enamel never gets a break from acid attacks.

Diet soda does not contain sugar, but it’s high in acids that will destroy your teeth just like bacteria-produced acids.

Swap out these beverages for water. Good old H20 helps keep your teeth clean and is free of calories.


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