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Say Goodbye to Root Canal Fear [video]

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Root canals aren’t what they used to be – they’re better! With root canal therapy, Dr. Dores can generally save your diseased, painful tooth by cleaning out the infection and sealing it over. You’ll still have your tooth, but your toothache will be gone. We can then finish your restoration with a beautiful CEREC crown made the very same day right in our office!

Most people believe that root canal treatment is a painful, awful experience, but at Dores Dental, our skilled use of anesthesia means root canal fear is a thing of the past. You won’t feel any more discomfort than if you were getting a tooth filled.

Say goodbye to root canal fear. Call our office today 413-241-3995 for an appointment. You can also use our handy online form. Watch this short video as Dr. Dores explains how comfortable root canal treatment can be.


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