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Proper Denture Care Keeps You Healthy

When you first put your dentures in, you had every intention of doing everything the best way possible. You wanted to take great care of your new teeth so that they would last! Over time, maybe you have kept that resolve, but many patients find themselves slipping when it comes to denture care. You might even fall into the habit of sleeping in your dentures. There are many reasons to break this habit immediately, and we have listed a few of those reasons below.

Extra Plaque Bacteria – Plaque is the film that forms over your teeth and mouth when you fail to brush regularly. Your dentures develop plaque as well because the bacteria is in your mouth whether you have natural teeth or not. When you wear your dentures at night, you are giving that bacteria an extra 8 hours to multiply. You could develop gum disease, bad breath, or even lose your teeth due to bacteria working deep into the surfaces of your dentures.

Painful Gums – Your gums are a very important part of your mouth right now. You need to take care of them by brushing regularly and taking your dentures out at night. If you leave your dentures in, your gums don’t get a chance to rest. They will become inflamed and could possibly develop painful sores. Sleeping in your dentures is bad for your gum health!

Pneumonia – While you sleep, your body naturally swallows the buildup of fluid that happens in your mouth. It is very difficult for your body to do this while you are asleep with dentures in. Instead of being swallowed in a safe manner, that fluid gets dragged into your lungs causing breathing problems and significantly raising your risk of pneumonia.

Would you like to avoid all of these things? The solution is simple: take great care of your dentures and your mouth. If you aren’t sure how to do that, contact us! We would love to discuss your routine with you and help you improve your denture care regimen. We hope to see you soon!

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