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Professional Whitening Can Brighten Mom’s Smile [BLOG]

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If you’re last-minute Mother’s Day shopping for your spouse or that other special mother in your life, you can stop now. You may not have considered it before, but chances are Mom has talked about improving her smile. Like so many of our patients, she likely knows that a beautiful smile can have far-reaching effects other than just brighter teeth. In fact, cosmetic dentistry like professional whitening in Longmeadow can positively impact many areas of life.

If she’s interested in getting a brighter smile, call 413-241-3995 to set up a consultation for teeth whitening. Then find out why our patients rely on the whitening services at Dores Dental below.

Our Whitening Is Convenient

No one wants a gift that requires a lot of work. And no one wants to work hard to improve their appearance, if they can help it. Let us give Mom the best of both worlds! Our whitening is convenient no matter what type she wants. If it’s more convenient for her to whiten in our office, usually an hour or so is all it takes. We’ll explain the difference in our office whitening treatments when she comes in for a consultation.

If it’s more convenient for her to whiten at home while she’s cooking dinner or relaxing for the night, then we can give her that too. A whitening pen is how many people touch up their office treatment and keep the results lasting well beyond their visit.

Our Whitening Is Quick

There’s a small time investment in whitening your teeth because we choose brands that work fast. Our Sinsational Smile treatment is about 20 minutes, while our Zoom treatment is about an hour. Both will give her teeth that are shades brighter. Treatment at home can take a couple of weeks, but she’ll see results after just a few days.

Our Whitening Gives You Stunning Results

Whether she needs to enhance or make over her smile with whitening, we can give her the level of whitening she needs for a brighter smile. Store-bought whitening kits can’t touch what our professional whitening provides. That’s because our whitening uses a greater concentration of hydrogen peroxide, the main whitening ingredient.

If she whitens at home, she can stop when she feels she’s reached the color she wants. If she whitens in the office, we’ll discuss the color she wants before applying the gel.

Our Whitening Boosts Overall Appearance

Yes, whitening makes a smile look better. It can also make someone look more attractive overall. That’s because a smile plays such a large role in our appearance.

According to a recent survey from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, almost 100 percent of people surveyed believe a smile is an important asset to social life. About just as many believe a great smile makes others romantically attracted to one another. And even more, the majority of participants said the color of teeth is the most important factor in an attractive – or unattractive – smile.

Even if Mom doesn’t know all that information, people inherently know that a bright smile enhances our appearance and even makes us smile more! Help give her a confident smile.

Our Whitening Is Safer & More Comfortable

Because her whitening will be monitored by a team of professionals, we can help eliminate any discomfort or sensitivity that’s common with whitening. She doesn’t have that option with drugstore whitening.

We have some whitening that is less potent, which in itself reduces sensitivity. Also, we know how to apply the whitening so that it stays on the teeth, not the gums. If she applies it at home, we’ll show her the best way to keep it from causing discomfort.

Our Whitening Is Affordable!

We like to make a beautiful, healthy smile accessible to all. We offer different whitening treatments so you can choose which one fits your budget. All are reasonable, however.

Our Whitening Is Done in a Relaxing Atmosphere

While Mom comes to our office for professional whitening, she can expect to get pampered too!

Dr. Dores and our team give “white-gloves service” to every patient who visits, no matter why they’re here. We offer a menu of comfort options if she needs to relax a little during her visit. She’ll also appreciate being served a beverage in our waiting area. If she’s nervous about the dentist but still wants to get a great smile, she can even ask about safe sedation options that will keep her completely relaxed.  

Professional whitening can make all the difference in Mom’s smile – and perhaps her outlook! Talk with her if she’s been asking about getting a whiter smile. (And if you’re Mom, you can even hint around about your gift!) Then call our East Longmeadow office today at 413-241-3995 or fill out our online form for a consultation with Dr. Dores.

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