Professional Teeth Whitening That Works!

Professional Teeth Whitening That Works!

Do your yellow teeth have you feeling blue? Well, there’s no need to cancel all your summer fun on account of the embarrassing state of affairs in your mouth. There are two things that we want you to know: 1) You are not alone–this is a widespread cosmetic issue! 2) Our Longmeadow, MA dentist’s office can help–in fact, Dr. Dores is the go-to guy in the area for smile makeover solutions! That’s why in this post we want to talk about the professional teeth whitening solutions that we have available at Dores Dental. Keep reading to hear all about what we can do to brighten your outlook, and then be sure to contact us to schedule your consultation with Dr. Jim. You won’t even have to give up your red wine, coffee, or chocolate, we promise!

Don’t Go Looking Over The Counter!

Store-bought kits won’t help you solve your problems. They actually expect you, a non-professional, to know how to manage the process. And then they leave you with lackluster, ill-fitting materials. When this experiment fails to deliver the results you were hoping for, you’ll only have yourself to blame! Here’s the deal: the whitening gels in these kits are usually weaker than what you would get from a dentist, and the trays that are included don’t ever properly fit your mouth which means that the gel, no matter how strong it is, can’t do its job effectively. And since the trays don’t fit your mouth, there is often spillover of the whitening solution onto your gums and soft tissues. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about such things when you trust your whitening to the dentist you already trust for everything else!

Professional Teeth Whitening Is The Only Kind You Need

If you have an impending occasion on your calendar like a wedding or a family reunion, we can whiten your teeth in no time with the professional Zoom! Whitening system that we have on-hand. Remember: results can vary depending on the current color and condition of your teeth, but Zoom! can effectively whiten teeth up to 8 shades after just one session. First, we will check to see if your mouth is free of decay and disease. If so, we can go ahead and get started by protecting your eyes, gums and lips before applying the whitening gel. Then, professional-strength peroxide gel will be applied to your teeth and activated by UV light to remove deep-seated stains and spots. The nice thing is that our trays will be uniquely-fitted to your mouth so that there will be no runoff from the gel. And, importantly, the results will be exactly what you need them to be.

A Better Smile Awaits

You know you deserve a brighter, better-looking smile. And with summer already upon us, there couldn’t be a better time to get started. Just contact us today to schedule your whitening consultation at Dores Dental of Longmeadow, MA. We’re ready when you are!

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