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Oral Surgery and You

In our Longmeadow, MA dental practice, we believe that our job is to protect your teeth. This means that we will do whatever is necessary to maintain or improve your oral health, but we will always recommend those procedures which are most likely to leave your natural teeth in tact. Keeping your natural teeth in place is always advantageous. Nothing in dental technology can match your natural teeth in terms of appearance and performance. Even porcelain, the best material in dentistry for restorations and crowns for dental implants, only comes close to your natural teeth in this regard.

In some cases though, it is not possible to save your teeth; they may be damaged to a point where actually keeping them in place may be dangerous (such as teeth that are severely damaged due to tooth decay or injury), or as with wisdom teeth, your teeth may actually be the problem.

Because oral surgery is intensive, invasive, and complex, it is important that your oral surgeon is both skilled in the latest techniques, with access to the latest technology, and also has a holistic understanding of your unique needs as a patient. Dores Dental, besides offering top-notch general and cosmetic dentistry, is also a full-service oral surgery practice. We can safely complete your surgical procedure, whether the objective is restorative (as in the placement of dental implants) therapeutic (surgically addressing very severe sleep apnea), or cosmetic (gum contouring).

What Conditions Can Dores Dental Treat Surgically?

Oral surgery is a last resort in most cases, especially when it comes to the removal of teeth that are severely damaged due to disease; in most cases, we will attempt other less invasive interventions before considering oral surgery as an option.

However, oral surgery is an important part of many popular procedures that we offer.

Dental Implants

If you have missing teeth, dental implants are an ideal option, because they offer the best performance (in terms of your bite strength; you won’t need to change your diet or lifestyle as a result of getting dental implants) and have the highest aesthetic value of all the treatments for missing teeth. Dental implants are placed surgically, directly in the bone of your jaw and beneath the gum. Like most procedures that require surgery, your dentist will need to give you a thorough examination, review your health history, and have a detailed conversation with you to determine if you are healthy enough to undergo surgery for dental implants and to determine the risk of dental implant failure or other complications.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a common problem in the US. It is characterized by the brief cessations in your breathing; this reduces your body’s intake of oxygen, which can have a serious negative impact on your health and your quality of life. In most cases, sleep apnea is caused by an airway obstruction (namely your tongue, which falls back on the soft palate while you sleep as a result of reduced muscle tone), and can usually be treated with an oral appliance or CPAP device. These solutions keep your airway open so that the flow of oxygen is uninterrupted, allowing you the restorative sleep you need to live your best life.

However, it is possible that sleep apnea may require oral surgery to address it. Oral surgery can eliminate sleep apnea symptoms caused by large tonsils or by excess oral tissues that can block your airway.

Cosmetic Oral Surgery Options

A popular cosmetic enhancement is called gum contouring. Gum contouring can help you if you have what is commonly called a “gummy smile”; your teeth are almost overwhelmed by your gums which seem like they are too long. Oral surgery is also helpful in reducing teeth that appear too long.

Reparative Oral Surgery

As we mentioned earlier, we will attempt to address problems caused by tooth decay and disease in non-invasive ways before considering oral surgery. Unfortunately, it sometimes is necessary to remove teeth that have been severely damaged. Severely damaged teeth can put your overall oral health at risk, which may also have serious negative implications for your health in general.

Oral surgery may also help address certain cases of advanced gum disease (periodontitis).

When You Need Oral Surgery, Don’t Settle For Less!

Dores Dental is a full-service dental practice: everything is under one roof, and we understand our patients’ needs better as a result. If you need oral surgery, go with a dentist you know!

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