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No More Drills! Lasers Eliminate Dental Phobia, Increase Oral Health

It’s estimated that about 20% of Americans suffer from some level of dental phobia. For many, the drill is the first thing on the list of things to be afraid of. What if the drill could be taken out of the equation? In our practice in Longmeadow,MA we’ve done just that.

This April, Dores Dental will begin offering a breakthrough technology, one that will allow patients to finally leave their fear of the dentist behind: laser dentistry.

What is “laser dentistry”?

Laser dentistry is a revolutionary technology that eliminates the fear and much of the discomfort associated with many dental procedures. Lasers are virtually silent, cause less pain, and procedures are completed with greater speed and accuracy. In many cases, the use of a laser eliminates the need for anesthesia (another source of anxiety for many patients).

Award-winning technology in Longmeadow!

At Dores Dental, we use the Solea laser system. It is one of the most advanced technologies on the market today, and was named “Best of What’s New” last year by Popular Science magazine.

Until now, a dental laser could be used in either soft tissue (gums) or hard tissue (teeth), but never both. The Solea laser is the first approved by the FDA for use on both teeth and gums, which means that procedures take less time, even reducing the number of visits a patient has to make.

The Solea laser system is appropriate for fillings, gum shaping, and possibly root canals.

What happens in the chair?

Among dentists, laser technology is becoming increasingly popular because it virtually eliminates the cause for fear among patients.

Most people are familiar with what happens during a conventional filling procedure. The dentist will administer a local anesthetic, numbing the area, and then go to work with a drill.

The needle is painful and anxiety-inducing; after all, who likes getting a shot? Then the dentist will go to work with a drill, resulting in that unpleasant “vibration” sensation that has become so familiar.

With Solea, there is no needle to worry about, and there is no vibration. You simply sit back, relax, and let us do the work. You’ll be in and out of the chair faster than ever before!

Our patients’ oral health is our top priority. Unfortunately, many patients don’t even make an appointment because they are held back by fear. There is no two ways about it: if you ignore your teeth, you will pay for it later. If it’s anxiety that’s been holding you back, this is the solution you’ve been waiting for. With this new technology, patients may begin to overcome their fears and finally begin to get back on the right track to good oral health.

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Has it been awhile since your last visit to the dentist? Remember, you only get one set of teeth, and the longer you wait to address your oral health, the worse the situation may become. Most people don’t make this connection, but your teeth are the first indicator of even deeper health issues. It’s not just your smile at stake!

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