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Metal-Free Fillings In Longmeadow, MA

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Metal-Free Fillings In Longmeadow, MA

Hello Longmeadow! Welcome back to another February edition of the Dores Dental blog! Hopefully you are finding plenty of good dentistry-related information here. We make it our mission to keep your smile healthy and looking its best! It really is a partnership that works best when you are doing your part at home and giving us the chance to regularly do our part in the office (every 3-6 months).

Do you have a sweet-tooth? That makes it harder to stay on the good road, you know! Are you getting ready to devour the obligatory Valentine’s Day treats? If so, don’t forget to brush all that sugar off of your teeth. After all, sugar feeds the bacteria that causes tooth decay. And tooth decay, can become a real pain in the, uh, mouth, for you, if left untreated.

Regular exams and cleanings will go along way to keep decay and disease at bay. But don’t worry, if you should ever be confronted with a cavity, we’ll know just what to do to restore your health and get you back on track fast.

For many years, cavities have been treated by oral health care professionals with the help of silver dental fillings. These procedures basically involve a digging out of the decay and a filling in of the remaining hole with some other substance. Traditional fillings did what they needed to do well enough, but they did raise a few concerns, and they certainly looked out of place on top of your teeth. It was like having a constant metallic reminder of your one-time failure.

Fortunately, at Dores Dental, we now use subtle, mercury-free dental fillings to treat tooth decay. That is great news for you!

Mercury-Free For Me

No one likes the idea of inviting unnatural substances into our bodies. It’s just strange when you think about it. And the silver amalgam that goes into conventional fillings is actually a paste comprised of mercury along with other metals. Weird, right?

Our mercury-free fillings, on the other hand, are made of composite resin, glass ionomer or ceramic, which means that these fillings are tooth-colored, biocompatible materials that contain no mercury or other metals. They will look and feel completely natural in your mouth.

What’s more these new and improved fillings allow for increased durability by bonding directly to your tooth structure. The old school process actually weakened your tooth and left it more vulnerable to fracture.

Tooth-Colored Fillings Are Aesthetically Pleasing!

During your procedure, we will first isolate the tooth in question while protecting the rest of your mouth with a rubber dam. Then, we will clean the tooth, remove all signs of decay, and re-shape it.

The proper shade of composite resin is then mixed to match your teeth and is applied to the tooth in question layer by layer. This is why it looks so good in your mouth!

As the process unfolds, each layer is hardened by special light.

In the end, your filling is trimmed, adjusted, and polished.

Then you will be released with a fresh, clean smile.

Restore Your Smile Today!

We hope you have been inspired by today’s blog post to take the next step! Your smile is too important to let decay run wild in your mouth.

Contact our Longmeadow, MA dental office if you’d like to learn more about our mercury-free fillings. Schedule your consultation today by calling 413-241-3995!

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