How Mouthguards Work To Keep Your Child Smiling [Video]

Mouthguards 2 | Dores Dental - East Longmeadow, MA

This time of year, we often remind our student-athlete patients (and their parents!) about the importance of wearing athletic mouthguards. We explain how mouthguards work to protect their teeth and gums. With the custom mouthguards at Dores Dental, we can design them based on your child’s specific activity, which could cover the upper teeth or upper and lower, depending on the protection needed. Custom sports guards can help kids breathe better and speak better, and they offer greater comfort, durability, strength, and protection than one-size-fits-all mouthguards.

Watch this ADA video for more information, then call our Longmeadow, MA dentist office at 413-241-3995. A small investment now could save a lot later!

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