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At Dores Dental, we take pride in providing comprehensive dental solutions to the families of Longmeadow, MA.

Our services include cosmetic/esthetic dentistry, which involves veneers, teeth whitening, and Invisalign orthodontic treatment.

We also feature restorative options such as fillings, inlays/onlays, root canal, crowns, bridges, dentures, and dental implants.

What’s more, we can provide gum disease treatment, extraction and oral surgery, as well as sleep apnea treatment.

Still, our favorite focus is family dentistry. We want to partner with you throughout your life on healthy habits that will enrich the oral health of your family.

Best Practices At Home

The first habit you will need to pass along to your children is daily brushing of teeth. Hopefully, you already know that this practice is your basic defense against plaque and tartar. Beyond that, you will just feel better with a clean mouth.

For best results, we recommend brushing twice a day for several minutes.

No Plaque Left Behind

Trust us, no matter how well you wield a toothbrush, there will always be areas in between your teeth that will accumulate tartar and plaque and this could eventually result in decay and tooth loss.

This is easily remedied but you will have to stop letting yourself slide. Suck it up and find the floss, then make it part of your family’s routine. It only adds a minute and it can save you lots of unnecessary pain down the road.

Swill It Around Your Mouth

Brushing and flossing should be the minimum you do everyday. But these practices aren’t always enough. Certain mouthwashes can further reduce bacteria and any containing fluoride will help in your fight against tooth decay.

Again, this is easy and only takes a few seconds.

Make Friends With Your Dentist

We promise to be nice. Plus, visiting us regularly (twice a year) is a habit that can optimize your health and wellness.

This is because our professional cleanings will do away with any lingering tartar and plaque. Moreover, our thorough oral exams give us the opportunity to see if anything is going awry in your mouth or if there are any tell-tale signs of health concerns elsewhere in your body.

In our experience, it is always easier to prevent a bigger problem now than to attempt to treat it later.

We Make It Easy To Stay On Track

If you are unfamiliar with all that we have to offer at Dores Dental, we make it real easy to learn more by offering complimentary consultations for new patients.

If you are already entrusted to our care, we have an exciting opportunity for you to help spread the word about our services!

Any current patient who refers a friend or family members to our practice will get their name placed in a drawing to win a brand new electric car, to be drawn in 2016.

Whatever your situation, keep your oral health in tact and on track by contacting us today to get started.

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