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Five Habits for a Healthy Smile

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On March 20th, we will observe World Oral Health Day, which was launched to raise awareness about the importance of good oral health and its significance to your overall well being. With that in mind, we’d like to discuss a few things we can all do to maximize our chances of having a healthy smile for life.

At Dores Dental, we want to be your partner in maintaining dental health. To schedule a preventive dentistry appointment at our Longmeadow, MA office, call 413-241-3995.


Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Have a routine, and stick with it.

  • You should brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes at a time. Reach all surfaces of the teeth. Be thorough, but gentle so you don’t damage your enamel or gums. Don’t forget to brush your tongue, which harbors nasty bacteria. Replace your toothbrush every few months or when the bristles fray.
  • Floss at least once per day. Keep the floss taut against the surface of each tooth to help remove bacteria and sticky plaque. At the base of each tooth, very gently clean under the gumline.
  • Mouthwash helps clean areas of your mouth that are difficult to reach with a toothbrush or floss.


Visit Dores Dental Every Six Months

Yes, you should come to see us even if your smile looks and feels fine. Regular professional cleanings and exams are important for everyone.

We have the skills and special tools that enable us to clean areas of your mouth you can’t reach at home, including under the gumline. We will eliminate built-up plaque and tartar that would otherwise cause tooth decay and gum disease.

Through visual examination and X-rays, we will be able to detect problems — decay, gum disease oral cancer — before you’ve even noticed them. This is critical for early and more effective treatment.


Incorporate Cheese into Your Diet

If you love cheese as much as we do, this won’t be much of a problem. Like all dairy products, cheese is loaded with calcium. This mineral is responsible for much of the strength and structure of your bones and teeth. Dairy products also contain proteins called caseins, which apparently link together and form a sort of coating that protects your enamel from bacterial acid attacks. Cheese appears to have a benefit apart from other dairy products: it has been shown to raise pH levels in the mouth, which discourages the proliferation of harmful bacteria.


Drink Tap Water

The water supply of Longmeadow, like many municipalities, is fortified with tooth-boosting fluoride. Drinking it helps keep your teeth healthy and strong! If you are in the habit of imbibing soft drinks, sports drinks, juice, or even bottled water, ditch them for dental-health-friendly tap instead.

Choose Snacks Wisely

If you are craving a nibble between meals, avoid sugary or otherwise carby treats, which cause bacteria to multiply and acids to launch attacks against your enamel. Choose an apple, a handful of nuts, a cheese stick, or another dental-health-friendly option.


Continue to practice good preventive dentistry, and call Dores Dental to schedule your next cleaning and exam. You may reach us at 413-241-3995 or via our online form.



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