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Find a Dentist Who Can Eliminate Your Dental Fear

There are some of us who simply think about the dentist and cringe. The fear can be so strong that it keeps people from going to the dentist altogether. When you avoid the dentist, you put yourself at a higher risk of serious dental problems down the road. It typically starts with patients skipping one cleaning, and then before you know it, it’s been years since your last cleaning and dental exam.

At Dores Dental, we work with patients to make them feel comfortable and calm in the chair.
We understand that dental fear is a REAL issue that can threaten your oral health and overall health. We will not tell you to get over your fear or belittle your concerns.

Here’s some background about how dental fear can derail your oral health: Dental fear affects about 20 percent of Americans, and about 5 percent of Americans refuse to visit the dentist at all costs. Some of these people had bad experiences at the dentists, while others cannot stand the sights, sounds, or smells of the dental office. Whatever the case, understand that dentistry has evolved so much that we can now complete major restorations and treatments with minimally invasive techniques, particularly eliminating pain and speeding up the recovery time. Our job is to provide ways for you to overcome your dental fear and get the care you need and deserve. One thing we pride ourselves on is using the latest technology that will allow us to render minimally invasive care for all your dental procedures.

Have Cavities Filled Without Shots, Drills

Our team has invested in a new technology that allows us to fill cavities without shots or drills. The Solea Laser is the first laser that can remove hard tissue in order to place fillings or even crowns. Most dental lasers are used on the soft tissue, like your gums or cheeks, but this special laser can prepare a tooth for a filling without any the need for injections, drills or uncomfortable vibrations.

Patients are simply relieved to find out that they can have their fillings placed without any uncomfortable injections or drilling. This process has turned some of our most fearful patients into our best patients. Because the laser is not painful, patients find that their recovery period is typically shorter compared with traditional cavity treatment.

Pain-free Injections with Dentalvibe

Whenever we are told we have a cavity, most of us sigh at the idea of having an injection to start the treatment. The first injection is the hardest to overcome! The good news is that there are new ways we can make even the first injection more comfortable for you.

In the event that we need to use traditional drills to prepare your teeth for fillings, crowns, etc., we use a special tool to reduce the pain of the injection down to almost zero. The DentalVibe uses vibrations to block out the pain of the injection to the brain. The handheld tool is easy to use and has a 98 percent success rate on patients. In addition to blocking the pain from reaching the brain, the vibration allows the local anesthesia to quickly take effect.

Similar to dental fear, about 20 percent of Americans have some level of fear of needles. When we fear needles, we avoid procedures like dental work that could require us to have injections. We understand that no one looks forward to having an injection in their mouth, and that’s why we have taken training and implemented new technology to take the pain out of the procedure. Using the DentalVibe, we can treat your dental issues without you having to worry about the first shot.

The key to providing success pain-free dentistry comes from listening to our patients and investing in state-of-the-art equipment. If you are ready to hear from our professional dental team about we can improve your oral health, call our office today.

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