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Studies show that more than one in three people in the United States have some level of dental anxiety or fear. The intensity of those emotions run the gamut from mild discomfort to flat-out terror. That’s unfortunate because it keeps far too many people from getting the dental care they need.

At Dores Dental in Longmeadow, MA, we understand that dental anxiety and fear happen to people, not because of who they are. Let’s face it – nobody wants to live that way. And no one wants teeth with untreated cavities, gum disease, or tooth loss. We maintain a strict no-judgement policy in our practice. But we go much, much further to make sure that the dentally anxious or fearful can get the dental care they need.

Choice is Power, and We Empower Patients

Just like one size doesn’t really fit all, there are different reasons behind every patient’s dental anxiety. Different people require different approaches to be able to enjoy a stress-free and pain-free dental experience.

When you walk into our Longmeadow, MA dental office, you’ll be greeted by caring professional staff. Quite a few patients have commented on our staff’s ability to help even the most anxious relax.

We’ll ask you to fill out a questionnaire about how comfortable you are with the different procedures we offer. Following that, you can select from our broad menu of comfort options to enhance your experience while you’re with us. Between those comfort measures and Dr. James Dores’ calming manner and skill, you’re set for a relaxed dental appointment like nothing you’ve experienced before.

You can also choose from a variety of beverages before your appointment – water, juice, coffee, or soda.

Your Choices Don’t Stop There

At Dores Dental, we know that many people need more assistance in dealing with their anxiety. We offer oral sedation for patients. Dr. Dores will prescribe a pill to take the night before your appointment to help you rest well. You’ll take another pill in the morning. You will need someone to drive you to and from your appointment – driving while sedated is not a good idea. However, you’ll be far more relaxed and comfortable when you enter our practice.

That relaxation will last through your appointment and beyond thanks in large part to our advanced technology. We know that many, many people dread the idea of a numbing injection. Our DentalVibe uses gentle vibrations to affect how your nerve sends pain signals to your brain. You’ll feel no prick of the needle, and the vibration will help you become fully numb faster than you might expect.  Not only that, but the vibration helps the anesthesia work faster.

Other people have trouble tolerating the noise, vibration, or smell of the dental drill. Those are things of the past with our Solea CO2 laser. Dr. Dores can use the laser for procedures like dental fillings. And believe it or not, we rarely have to use anesthesia when he uses the laser.

Experience Your Most Relaxed, Comfortable Dental Appointment Ever

Don’t let dental anxiety or fear keep you from having a healthy mouth and a great smile. Call our Longmeadow, MA dental office today at 413-241-3995 or fill out our online form to request an appointment.


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