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Easy Ways to Prevent Cavities and Decay

In past blogs, we’ve talked about the right type of filling to choose and how to best care for a filling that has begun to fail, but can you actually avoid getting fillings altogether?

Statistics show that even with great oral health care, most people are going to end up with a cavity here or there, but you can definitely reduce the amount of decay you see and the number of cavities you end up needing filled over the years.

We have a few ideas to help you understand the best way to prevent decay and avoid having fillings placed! These are not new ideas, but they are the basic components to a healthy smile. If you aren’t following the basic components, then you will see the damage!

Avoid a Sugar-Filled Diet

Sugar and starches are the biggest problem for tooth-decay in our country, at least that’s our theory. We eat a lot of pastas, chips, crackers, etc. and drink many sweetened beverages. This type of diet has a massive impact on your smile, and it may be why we have such huge amounts of decay in our society!

Avoid this type of diet, and you will see an improvement in the health of your teeth! Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and select lean proteins for meals. Drink water throughout the day, and save the soda, tea, coffee, and juice for special occasions or meal times!

Routine Home Care

Your first line of defense against decay is the way you care for your teeth at home. Setting up a dental hygiene routine will give your smile the clean atmosphere it needs to stay healthier!

Brushing – Be sure you are brushing with a fluoridated toothpaste at least twice each day. Brush for two-three minutes at a time, spending adequate time on all surfaces of your teeth!

Flossing – Brushing is great for about 60% of the bacteria in your mouth. Flossing will help remove the bacteria still hiding between your teeth and along the gum line. Floss at least once each day, before your final brushing of the day!

Rinsing – A cleansing rinse can be very helpful for patients who struggle with decay or gum disease infections. Let us help you determine which type of rinse is best for you at your next dental appointment!

Routine Appointments

Your at-home care is important, but the real difference between smiles that last and smiles that don’t are routine dental cleanings here at the dental office. We are able to clean your teeth better and deeper, but we are also able to keep up with any signs of decay so that we can stop things before they progress into severe damage!

Professional Cleaning – A dental prophylaxis is another word for a dental cleaning. We use special tools and instruments to remove plaque and bacteria from all surfaces of your teeth. We can even remove the gunk from below your gum line to give you a healthier, cleaner smile!

Fluoride Treatment – For teeth that are struggling with weak enamel, we might recommend a fluoride treatment at the next dental appointment. This is a simple exposure to highly-concentrated fluoride that can stop decay in its tracks and give you back a healthy smile!

Dental Sealants – Some teeth have deep crevices that make it difficult to keep them clean. For patients with this issue, we recommend dental sealants! Sealants are a thin layer of protection that we can paint on the surfaces of your teeth to protect your teeth from harmful decay. We also recommend sealants for patients, like kids, who are prone to cavities due to other reasons, like an inability to keep their teeth as clean as they should be!

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