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Dental Implants Will Restore Your Life

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It is hard to believe that 2016 is almost here! Where does the time go? Just so you know, your trusted Longmeadow, MA dentist is here for you throughout the year and throughout your life.

We have the sort of dental solutions that will keep your oral health on track, and your teeth looking great. We are also here for you when the unexpected happens. One of the things that can sneak up on you is a dislodged tooth.

This will be bad for a variety of reasons.

One of the first things that adult tooth loss will affect is your health and wellness.

Missing Teeth Is Bad For Your Health

You may not realize it, but tooth loss can make your health go downhill.

It will quickly change they way that you eat. We all know that consuming a balanced diet will boost nutritional intake, energy levels, and immunity from disease, but you need a full set of teeth to eat the right foods.

When you are missing teeth, you won’t be able to effectively chew on fresh fruit and vegetables or grilled meat.

You will miss out on fiber and all the benefits it brings.

Stroke prevention, blood sugar regulation, and a healthy heart are just a few of the things that fiber does for your total wellness.

To make matters worse, the whole time that tooth loss is destroying your health, it will also alter your appearance.

Tooth Loss Changes Your Look

When you are missing teeth, you will be more self-conscious. You won’t feel like smiling like you used to. In fact, you might also feel uneasy about laughing, talking, and eating around others, which won’t be good for your social or professional growth.

Whether you smile or not, your cheeks will still look caved-in and you will appear to have aged quite a bit.

Overall, tooth loss can adversely affect your self-esteem and confidence, and the way that others perceive you.

That is no way to live!

Thankfully, at Dores Dental we have a durable, long-term solution for you!

Are you familiar with dental implants?

Dental Implants Will Turn Things Around

What do implants entail?

That’s what we want to go over next!

During the initial stage, we take titanium posts and insert them into your jawbone through a minor surgical procedure.

Over the course of a few months, the implanted post will have a chance to bond with your jaw bone to form a new root.

Then, during the second stage, a crown will be attached to each post. This is the part that looks like a tooth.

Before you know it, our dental implants will give you back the biting power required to enjoy all those healthy food choice you’ve been forced to go without.

Plus, your implants will preserve your jawbone density so that you won’t lose any more teeth, and they will add support to your facial structure, making you look younger again.

When we are finished, you will feel like you have gotten your life back.

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Then what is holding you back?

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