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Welcome back to the Dores Dental virtual space! We hope that you will visit our real office whenever you are in need of a dentist in Longmeadow, MA. We pride ourselves on being a forward-looking dental practice, always looking to make it easier and more convenient for you to get all the dental solutions you are looking for.

In our last blogpost, we talked about the new and improved fillings we offer here, that are pain-free and designed to match your natural teeth. But today we want to talk about crowns, and how we’ve made the process much more accessible for our Longmeadow, MA dental patients.

You are probably aware that dental crowns have been used by those of us in the dental field for many years as part of our restorative dentistry repertoire.

If you were receiving a crown, in the past it could have taken two to three visits to complete the process of receiving a permanent crown. Truth be told, it is still that way in many practices because they outsource part of the process to a lab, forfeiting any control of the completion time.

If you were lucky enough, you would have been given the opportunity to wear a makeshift temporary crown until the final steps were carried out. It was frustrating, to say the least, for patients who had busy lives and active professional schedules. It always made folks wonder why placing a crown necessitated so many office visits and time away from work or family.

These days, things are a little different in our Longmeadow dentist’s office. The treatment process for permanent crowns does not have to be such a hassle and time commitment.

We actually have a way to place a crown in just one visit!

Seriously! As it happens, we can now prepare and place a crown all in one day.

What makes this possible?

Modern technology, for one thing, and an open minded staff.

At Dores Dental, we use a machine called CEREC to help us repair damaged teeth in just a few hours. With this equipment at our disposal, we are capable of providing strong, natural-looking restorations that will last indefinitely.

With the proper care and attention, they can even be a permanent solution for you.

Same-Day Crowns Make Restorations Easy

So, under what circumstances would you need a crown restoration from Dores Dental?

There are a number of reasons for seeking out this sort of treatment. Dental crowns are often used to repair severely damaged teeth or to restore teeth following a root canal procedure. Crowns are also used to restore dental implants, they are the final piece of the implant that mimics the look of your actual tooth.

Depending on your dental needs, if dental crowns are in order, they are now easier than ever to obtain at Dores Dental. Beyond that, they really do look and feel great.

CEREC allows us to design and create your restoration in just one visit. It will be durable and closely matched to the shade of your natural teeth. In about 2 hours, you will receive a permanent crown that will restore your tooth and help improve both the health and appearance of your smile.

This is just another one of the many value-added services that we deliver. Dores Dental is proud to be one of the few dental offices in the area to offer same-day crowns. It seems that only about 10% of dental offices across the country currently offer same-day dental crowns. It feels good to be on the cutting edge!

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