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The season may be coming to a close, but we still have a couple weeks of summer left. Whether you’ll be taking a last-minute beach vacation, hanging out at the neighborhood pool, or just chilling in your own backyard with a sprinkler and glass of lemonade, make sure you have a dazzling smile to match your healthy summer glow.

At Dores Dental of Longmeadow, MA, we offer an array of cosmetic dentistry procedures designed to straighten, whiten, repair imperfections, and give you the flawless teeth you’ve always wanted. Give our office a call at (413) 241-3995 to find out what we can do for you and to make an appointment.

Veneers Hide It All

There are few cosmetic dental problems that a dental veneer can’t hide. Stubborn stains and spots impervious to whitening. Unsightly cracks and chips. Teeth that are ground or worn down. Even gaps and minor alignment issues. With a veneer, all of these embarrassing imperfections disappear.

A veneer is a very thin shell made of porcelain that is bonded to the front of the tooth. Veneers are tooth colored to look completely natural, and are custom crafted to fit your dimensions perfectly.

If you think you want the showstopping smile that veneers provide, Dr. Dores will examine your mouth thoroughly to see if you are an appropriate candidate. Your teeth should be healthy before they are fitted. If you have signs of decay or gum disease, that will be treated first. You must also have healthy, thick enamel, as it will be trimmed in order for the veneers to fit properly. The dentist will then help you choose the shade of shade of white that will give you the natural, clean, and healthy-looking smile you crave.

Once your gorgeous new veneers are in place, they require the same meticulous care as your natural teeth. Brush at least twice each day, floss regularly, and visit Dr. Dores for checkups two times each year. If you are active, protect your teeth from cracks and chips with a mouthguard. And use your teeth as they are meant to be used: for eating. Veneers (or teeth for that matter) are not designed to open packages or to be used as scissors. They can chip or break as a result. With the right care, your veneers can last years!

A Whiter Smile Transforms Your Look

If you’ve looked into teeth-whitening solutions at all, you are probably aware of the many toothpastes, strips, and gels available for purchase over the counter. Maybe you’ve even tried one — only to find that it doesn’t work. Here’s the rub: while these products promise to give you a dazzling white smile, they often contain too little active ingredient to give you the results you want. At the same time, they can be overly harsh on your teeth and gums.

At Dores Dental, we offer the Zoom in-office whitening system, which (depending on the color and condition they started in) can make your teeth up to eight shades lighter in one session. They will also look completely natural.

When you come in for your treatment, Dr. Dores will examine your mouth thoroughly. If you have problems with your gums or teeth, those must be treated first.

Once you have the green light to proceed, your eyes, gums, and lips will be protected. Professional-strength peroxide gel is applied to the teeth with a custom-fitted tray. The solution is then activated by UV light for the deepest possible cleaning. When you walk out of the office, your dingy teeth will be gone, replaced by a whiter and brighter smile.

Invisalign Straightens Your Smile

Have you lived with crooked teeth your entire life but aren’t willing to go around with metal braces for the next couple years? Invisalign may be for you. This revolutionary teeth-straightening system delivers a perfectly straight smile, but people around you may not even be aware you are using it. Invisalign utilizes a series of clear plastic “aligners” that gradually move teeth into proper position. While the aligners should be worn at least 20 hours each day to be effective, they are removable. This means:

  • You can eat what you want. Chewy, crunchy, hard — it’s all good.
  • You can clean your teeth normally and more thoroughly. No brushing and flossing around tiny wires and brackets.
  • You can remove the aligners for special occasions. Though, to be fair, they are hardly noticeable even when you are wearing them.

Think you could benefit from one of these cosmetic dentistry procedures? Call Dores Dental of Longmeadow, MA at (413) 241-3995 to find out more. Or skip the phone and fill out our handy web form.

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