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Can the Grocery Store Help You Beat Cavities?

The things you select in the grocery store have a massive impact on the oral health of your family. As you go through the aisles, you are probably thinking about how your choices will impact your family’s waistline, but we hope you are also thinking about those pearly whites that make up your favorite smiles!

Caring for your family is a lot of hard work and planning, and we try to help Longmeadow, MA families by being a resource for great dentistry. You would be surprised by how many aspects of oral health are directly related to what your family consumes.

As the new school year is starting and you are switching gears from summer fun back to school-year organization, let us help you get your family on the right path by explaining how to shop with your family’s oral health in mind.

Avoid the Snack Aisle

When you have kids, the snack aisle is a very tempting place for the entire family! Even if you rarely indulge in treats, your kids see that junk food and want nothing more. It’s amazing just how addictive that type of food can be. Unfortunately, snack food is really horrible for teeth!

Of course the candy is bad, but did you know that chips, crackers, and pretzels are also harmful for your teeth? The carbs and starches create a thick paste in your mouth that sticks to your teeth and leads to decay.

Grab the Fruits and Vegetables

With a little bit of training, your kids can learn to love fresh fruits and vegetables about the snack aisle. Stock up on the fruits and veggies that you know your kids love, then slowly introduce them to more! Buy fresh, crunchy produce that will actually scrub your teeth as it breaks down in your mouth!

Avoid the Soda Aisle

Soda, juice, and sugary sports drinks are popular with kids. They love that sweet flavoring and feeling like they are doing something really special when they drink sugary drinks. However, those drinks are doing nothing beneficial for your smile. In fact, they are causing a lot of harm!

Soda in particular is harmful because of its sugar content as well as the acid it places on your teeth.

Grab a Great Water Bottle/Filter

Those sweet beverages we mentioned above are much preferred by kids, but you can encourage them to drink more water by getting a really fun and reliable water bottle that they can carry with them. It helps if they see you doing the same!

You might also want to purchase a good filter for your tap, especially if you have water that you’re not crazy about. Drinking tap water is better for your family, though, because tap water is often enhanced with fluoride, which will strengthen your family’s teeth!

Avoid the Pastas & Grains

We know as well as anyone that a quick pasta dinner is perfect for school nights and busy schedules. It’s so quick to make and easy to serve. It doesn’t hurt that your kids love it, right? However, that pasta and grain is doing the same thing as the chips and crackers from the snack aisle: sticking!

Grab High Quality, Lean Proteins

There is a way to enjoy pasta every once in a while: pair it with a nice, lean protein. The protein will help to remove the starchy build up on your teeth. Even so, it is better to invest in lean proteins for the majority of your meals. The protein is better for your waistline, and it helps to remineralize your teeth as your chew!

Use Your Grocery List to Benefit Your Dental Health

The next time you’re at the grocery, think about how you can choose better foods and snacks for your family. Contact us for tips and ideas, and let us know how your family is progressing when you come see us next! We can’t wait to hear about your success!

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