Dental Sports Guard


Mouth guards are soft devices that keep your upper and lower teeth from making contact. They are also used to protect your mouth from injuries when playing contact sports or doing recreational activities. Your Longmeadow, MA dentist provides dental sports guard or athletic mouth guards for active people.

Do You Need a Sports Guard?

Anyone who regularly plays contact sports or engages in activities that may pose injury to the mouth and face can benefit from wearing a dental sports guard. Dental injuries are very common during athletic activity, and sports guards can minimize the risk of everything from a cut on the lip to broken teeth to fractured jaws. Without protection, dental injuries can be complicated and expensive to treat, and they can also lead to more serious problems.

Generic dental sports guard are sold in many department stores and drug stores, but they are not the best choice if you want ultimate protection, comfort and perfect fit. Generic dental sports guard can be flimsy and interfere with speaking and breathing. They can also be bulky and uncomfortable. A better option is a boil and bite mouth guard that is available in sporting goods stores. You must place the device in boiling water to soften the material, and then bite down on the device and mold it to your teeth.

Custom Sports Guards

For ultimate comfort, durability and protection, trusted Longmeadow, MA dentist Dr. Dores recommends custom dental sports guard. To determine the best type of mouth piece for the sport or activity, Dr. Dores will examine your mouth, head and jaw and review your medical history. You may need a 3.5 mm thick sports guard for wrestling or mountain biking, or a thicker one (5 mm) for martial arts, boxing, skateboarding and heavy contact sports.

Learn how dental sports guard can prevent dental injuries. Visit Dores Dental today or make an appointment with your Longmeadow, MA dentist.